Web Design

Web Design is a crowded field, even in Durango Colorado. Choosing a web designer can be a daunting task, one that too often ends in frustration and wasted funds.

At E7sytems, we are constantly improving our web design and development practices in order to provide the best experience and highest possible return on investments for our customers.

Criteria for Design Elegance

  • Content appears quickly. Downloads should be instant on a DSL connections or just a few seconds on dial-up
  • Text is easy to read. Letters are high contrast. Background graphics, if any, are non-distracting.
  • Navigation is simple and fast. Buttons are quickly recognizable and most pages are a click away.
  • Messages are clear. All copy is written from the visitor’s perspective. The benefits to the reader are clearly stated.
  • Design and message are consistent. Consistency shows throughout the site and across all client marketing materials.
  • Pages look great in any size window.
  • Pages print.

Specifically we strive to:

  • Engage and involve our customers.
  • Understand their business needs.
  • Develop cost effective web solutions that meet our client’s business goals.

For a more in depth look at E7Systems methods please browse our knowledge base of web marketing articles:

To put it simply, the technologies of HTML, DNS, SMTP and the like are second nature to us.

With many years of experience in writing, graphics, and software development, we can devote our energies to making sure that you get the best solution for engaging all of your customers and prospects.