Web Site Review Service

Clients often ask for a review of their websites.  They want to know how their site can be made into a more effective selling platform.

What we generally find is that the existing client site is attractive enough, but it lacks the ability to make a difference in the client’s business.

Here is a review that we just did for a client.  See if some of these comments don’t apply to your site (or mine).

Dear Mr Client,

 It was a pleasure talking with you before the holiday.  You requested a review of the current _______.com site and some discussion about where you might invest in specific improvements.

 The _______.com site is pretty much in line with most of the sites we review.  It is pleasant enough, but it appears to have been created by a designer without the guidance of a disciplined marketer.  It does not have any apparent business goal other than to hold a place on the web and tell your basic story.

 When we build or review Web sites we look for the following attributes.

 An effective marketing Web site will do the following for its owners:

  • Attract visitors from search engines
  • Capture the new visitor’s attention
  • Quickly generate interest
  • Build on desire
  • Make it easy to begin a conversation
  • Capture sales or at least qualified leads
  • Measure the efficiency of each of these functions.

 Take a look for yourself and see which of these bases are covered.  In _______.com most of these items need improvement.  Some are missing altogether.

 The good news is that creating an effective marketing web site is straightforward when you stick to the goals above.

 Suggested Actions

  1. Make site visible to iPad users (and google) –  Replace Flash animation on home page.
  2. Make site visible to  mobile users – Create a phone friendly mobile view.
  3. Generate Interest –  Clearly state benefits on all pages especially home.
  4. Capture sales leads –  Give visitors a reason and facility to interact.
  5. Minimize droput – Add some images (product value and mechanics).
  6. Reinforcing benefits  - Adding Customer Testimonials .
  7. Generate traffic –  Search Engine Optimize for targeted keywords (path to purchase phrases).
  8. Generate traffic – Adding content and making it easy for Acadia staff to add content.
  9. Bolster credibility –  Add profiles of management and service professionals.
  10. Generate interest – Add video of value proposition.
  11.  Generate interest – Add video to explain/demonstrate product.
  12. Optimize Site Value – Measure the effects of the above changes on business goals

Test First

Before investing in an upgrade, you might benefit by showing the current site to some persons in the industry (but not in the company). Watch how much they read.  How long does the site maintain their attention? Ask them to explain the appeal of working with _______ after seeing the site.  Their answers should be a valuable guide in the creation of the next generation of your web site.

 You do not need to hire a team of psychologists to understand what motivates your customers.  You are already the expert in this.  We can help you to translate your business expertise into a site that captures leads and helps you turn them into customers.

 If you are interested in working with us on turning your site into a valuable marketing tool I would be happy to discuss these issues in more detail.

If you are interested in a review of your web site as a marketing tool, Process Automation Tool or and SEO Evaluation, call us today