Content Management Systems

The ubiquitous CMS Package offers quick setup and a seemingly endless array of functions. At E7Systems we use the CMS package to great advantage for the right users. However, there are some users who need content management, but have a specific application and business rules behind their content.

  • Web Blogs

  • Web Content Management

  • Web Stores

  • Community features

  • Real estate listings

  • other standard web applications

Basic CMS projects

Usually take 5 business days and follow these 5 steps:

  1. Discuss required functions and set up site hosting
  2. Install and configure applications and site graphics
  3. Convert existing content and configure applications
  4. Test site and train customer
  5. Final changes and search engine posting

The customer should expect to be available for an average of 5 hours of discussion.

Content Management Systems allow clients to manage their own web content, text, images and dynamic information.  CMS also serves as an excellent base for incorporating sophisticated applications into your web site.  Many of these applications have already been written and the client need only pay for installation and configuration.  This is an excellent opportunity for clients who wish to write or manage their own content and get on the web for a low price.  We have mastered our Content Management System software so that our customers can rapidly take advantage of the many functions that are available.

It is conceivable that a customer could have a shopping list of features that would necessitate the expansion of this time line and budget.  If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please call us.

Custom Built CMS

Some clients have a very specific application behind the CMS. Their data reflects a portion of their business model, and they want to have rapid access, with maximum ease of use for their employees.

For these customers, we install and customize our own content management system. Based on a full WYSIWYG editor, our clients can add their own content and edit all the pages on their site.

Customers see only the options they need to see to get their job done. The result is reduced training and the exact functionality that the customers need.

Case Study – Custom Content Management System

Real Estate Auctioneer, needed to display the information on the properties in their real estate auctions.

In their auction process they also needed to track the interests of the individual site surfers, and they needed a repository for the reams of legal information involved in any real estate auction.

The site administrator is computer savvy, but she has a full day’s work managing the real estate auctions. The user interface had to be fast to learn and simple to remember.

The system is a big success with dozens of auctions entered already.

Bill Smith has developed cutting edge auction technologies for the stock market, food industries, energy, transportation and other clients. E7Systems is proud to lend their many years of auction expertise to making AJKaras the cutting edge of web based technology for the management of Colorado Real Estate Auctions, New Mexico Property Auctions and Auctions nationwide. Look at These Specific Auctions to see the versatility of their system:

When a site user is interested in an auction, they must register to get the legal documents describing the property. On registering we capture their email address and auction interests. Every morning we send an email to the auction manager listing the interested surfers, who viewed which auctions and what documents were downloaded. With this information the auction manager can make effective use of their time in follow-up calls to make sure that all buyer interest makes it to the property on the day of the real estate auction.