Demonstrations, Training and Documentation

Training and Documentation are often overlooked in software development projects.  Yet when the solution is delivered how do the users learn the software?  On the other hand, if a complete User’s Guide is written, what percentage of clients will actually read it?

In today’s busy world most folks are too busy to read user’s guides.  Therefore we are often forced to use other media to get our messages and training across.

E7Systems designs and develops multi-media training programs for its clients on a custom basis. Depending on the Client’s Training and documentation needs.

To get the most out of your software development investment make sure that you use a developer who sees the whole picture. You deserve nothing less from your web development partner.

Many of our new customer have come to us recently because another developer left them on their own as soon as the technical work was “finished”. That is the reason why E7Systems budgets as much as 30% of some projects for user training and support.

We can also develop training programs for your product, service or other business initiative. Send us an email or call to start a discussion about your training needs.