EMarketing is the practice of using the Internet to stay in contact with your customers and prospects. The theory behind all successful EMarketing Programs is to give away valuable information in return for strong relationships and active, happy customers.

If you could give every one of your customers personal attention on all of their issues and reach out to them with valuable information or great deals on a regular basis, you would have a rapidly growing business. Of course if you tried this manually or over the phone, you would rapidly run out of time for operating your business.

EMarketing via permission-based high value emails is a viable answer to this problem. With the proper skills or tools, you can now reach out to each customer via email and make messages as personal as any phone call or office visit.

E7Systems.com is partnered with CustomerCounts.com to deliver these features and more, including professional copywriting assistance and vertical market communications packages. Having developed the CustomerCounts.com system, we are able to offer it at greatly reduced rates to our customers.

Whether or not you already have some features in place, we can help. Call us for more details on integrating EMarketing successes into your business.

EMarketing Tools include:

  • Sequential messages
  • Newsletters
  • Reminders of important dates
  • Order and shipping confirmations
  • Follow-up surveys and discounts