E7 Statement of Ethics

  • Work Safely

    Take all appropriate steps to insulate the customers business processes and data assets from any development activities. Implement design and data backup disciplines at every customer site.

  • Protect Client Privacy

    Never discuss client business unless explicitly directed by the customer to do so. This includes business conditions, initiatives or especially client intellectual property.

  • Minimize Billing Hours

    Keeping billing hours low is a key to project success. Never train on the clock. Provide detailed reports of hours spent on specific tasks.

  • Contain Project Complexity

    We work with our customers to ensure that all project requirements contribute directly to the customer’s bottom line by reducing cost or increasing revenue. When requirements are set we never bill for work beyond those requirements.

  • Be Honest and Forthcoming

    We inform clients of risk factors, limitations of our expertise, and possible conflicts of interest.

Customer satisfaction is the bond between E7 Systems and our clients.

In pursuit of the highest possible customer satisfaction, E7 Systems has established this code of ethics.

All persons working on E7 contracts must agree to this code.