Programmer – we have a need for one or more programmers who can demonstrate successful projects completed in the real world. We work primarily in Linux, Apache, MySQL and php (LAMP). We have developed an extensive library of php & MySQL functions for rapid application development.

You must be able to take a loosely defined task and turn it into FINISHED product that works in the real world.

We work with several very active web stores. Careless errors can cost thousands of dollars in just a few hours time. If you have ever thought, “I’m just not very good at testing.” please DO NOT apply.

Also, this is not a grunt-work opportunity. We send the drudgery programming overseas. This opportunity is for technical professionals who can take complex problems and boil them down to simple designs and readable, reliable code that can be maintained by anyone.

Web Admin

The web store administrator provides customer service, maintenance, quality control, and accounting services for various web stores importing products into the US.

The web admin must be fast on a computer. They must be detail oriented but able to work quickly optimizing or elimination repetitive tasks. The client here works 18 hours a day building his various web stores and needs someone who will share his passion for ecommerce in return for a generous percentage of sales.

This is a worldwide business that needs to be checked in on multiple times each day. Total hours for this position are negotiable. This is a lean business that moves very quickly.

The customer is known for saying exactly what he means. If you have issues with straight forward communication or have a fragile ego please DO NOT apply.

You will come to know this client either as an SOB or a loyal partner that rewards you for giving the job your best.

Web Designer

The successful web designer has a combination of many skills in graphics, writing, and client communication. We always have work for the right web designer with a portfolio of 5 or more significant and excellent web sites.

How to Join E7Systems as an Independent Consultant

Again, this is not a traditional job opportunity. The process of joining E7 is simple and gradual. It is designed to keep risks low and to make the best of everyone’s time.

  1. Read and understand this document.

  2. Think hard about whether independent consulting is the right fit for you.

  3. Send us an email describing what it is you want to do. Ask some intelligent questions.

  4. We will trade a few emails.

  5. If a meeting is in order, a few of us will meet you for lunch.

  6. If we all see a good fit, then we will start working together on small projects. Your first projects will be boring stuff with very little customer risk.

  7. As you exceed our expectations, we will provide you with more sophisticated projects.

Depending on your skills and the items discussed above you could quickly get to the point where all of your work was directly with E7Systems. However, there is no requirement that you work with us exclusively.