Technology with Business Sense

E7 Systems has over 30 years of combined experience delivering sales and marketing technology solutions for corporations both large and small.

We understand the challenges of merging the benefits of technology with ongoing sales operations. We focus on the people issues first and add technology in incremental releases.

Every system or web design release is designed to create maximum value while imposing a minimum of change on your employees and customers.

Bill Smith


Project Manager



Programming since 1977

Bill Smith has 20 years of experience in software development, management and marketing. He founded E7Systems with a vision to provide better solutions for customers and a great working environment for creative professionals.

Greer Bohan


Graphic Designer

Print and Web

Marketing and Research

Programming since 1978

Greer Bohan is a marketer with experience in various industries including tourism, real estate, retail, and agriculture. Greer contributes her considerable design and project management skill to the team. She is also responsible for E7′s growing portfolio of print marketing work.

Alexii Carey

Alexii Carey

Software Engineer

Project Manager

Programming since 2000

Alexii is our Object Oriented Programming Evangelist. His influence goes well beyond his own code and helps us all along the path to enlightenment. His skills also include audio and video production as well as stand up bass. Alexii has a gift for customer relations and support. He can distill complex technical topics so that they can be understood by any layman.

E7Systems Expert Network

The E7Systems Expert Network

E7Systems draws upon the experience of a network of partners and subcontractors. This allows us to rapidly deliver expert solutions to even the rarest of problems in

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • e-Marketing

  • Media Production

  • Telecom Integration

  • Business and Finance