Search Engine Optimization

Is the process of tailoring your site to attract visitors from Internet search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most competitive aspect of web development. After all who wants to invest in a site that never gets any visitors?

The Search Engine Optimization landscape is changing daily with new techniques for increasing your rankings and with new paid options for traffic generation. Given the dynamics of the search engine game, we try to adhere to a few sound policies to get our sites noticed.

  • Start with a thorough keyword analysis before writing site contents.

  • Write site copy to appeal to both the search engines and your human visitors

  • Generate high quality unique copy to address your customer’s interests.

  • Use keywords in critical areas, titles, headers, image names and alt tags.

  • Build links to our sites from other related web properties.

  • Avoid any tactics that search engines define as spamming

  • Generate Pay-Per-Click and Affiliate Programs as appropriate to the client’s business.

Search Engine Optimization and building traffic to your website from search engines is now a two part process. First you must work to get placement in the search index and results listsing, second you must pay for traffic through pay-per-click.

Valuable SEO Tools

Link swapping programs, like the one set up for:

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Have the ability to drive traffic to you from your partners’ sites, but they also help to boost your visibility in Google and other search engines.

Pay-Per-Click Objective explained

To initiate a pay per click marketing program that drives qualified traffic to the site. We use pay per click for the following reasons.

  • Only pay for the audience that actually visits the site.

  • Know that paid visitors are likely to buy.

  • Ability to exactly track the number of visitors and sales from this process.


To determine how much, if anything to pay for a targeted site visitor, we must establish the value of a customer to the site. Presume each customer is worth between $20 and $40 to the site after the cost of service. If we could convert just one percent of these targeted PPC visitors into customers, the each visitor would be worth between 20 and 30 cents.


Generate list of potential keywords and determine their cost per click on a number of different venues

 Google and Overture have many excellent keywords available for between 6 and 30 cents per click. At the start of the program we need to refine our choices and select the keywords which are closely matched to our offering while still being affordable.

 Suppose we paid an average of $0.16 per click. If we made a single sale for every 100 clicks, this would be a 1% conversion, not bad. In this scenario we would be paying $16 for each new customer. $16 is a reasonable customer acquisition cost for many businesses.

 You can see how the numbers are all-important in the pay-per-click game. Therefore to build a successful campaign we must

  • carefully filter the keyword list to increase conversion

  • carefully manage cost/click.

  • monitor the site’s effectiveness at selling to new visitors

Overture vs. Google Ad Words

 Google Ad Words sells ads specifically on Overture sells sponsored results on Yahoo and other non-Google search engines. You will see that the majority of terms are more expensive on Overture than they are on Google.

 Internet marketing wisdom says to try a bit of everything and do more of what works.

 Design Pay-Per-Click Ads

  • Write ads which will attract users who are interested in our service. Each ad has a limited Headline and body:
  • Headline (25 characters)
    • KidSave Child Registry
  • Lines 1&2 (35 characters)
    • Peace of mind for concerned parents
    • Ensure the safety of your loved ones


 Present the options to client and determine a monthly budget that allows us to exercise this system at a moderate cost.

 The costs of the various systems are as follows.

  • Setup    $5-$50
  • No Monthly Minimum
  • Per Click    Varies $.06 to $.30

 Reasonable monthly budget $100-$300 as a start, suggest more if numbers merit.

Keyword Selection

Given budget constraints and best opinions on keywords, select a set which will fit the budget yet cover a broad area which can be refined in the optimization step below.

Tracking Setup

Set up a landing page on the which will track where the client came from when ordering.

Go Live

 Sign up to PPC program using the client’s credit card.

 Analyze Performance & Optimize

 To achieve continuing success with our program we must monitor and refine it regularly.

  • Check traffic statistics against order source data.
  • Verify that conversion rates (sales) justify add costs.
  • Add to the keywords and venues that produce business
  • Reduce those that do not.