Thank you for taking the time to look into working with E7Systems. We do not offer traditional employment positions. We all work as consultants on an hourly basis. This text covers the challenges and benefits of working with us.

 As web designers, we are constantly amazed at how little people are willing to read, even before making large investments. Consider this page your first interview. Please read this entire page and if you still want to know more, then send us an email . With our unique structure, it is most important that you know how we work and decide that E7Systems can fit your needs.

 E7Systems is a consulting cooperative. We provide talented professionals with a productive environment combining the best aspects of employment and independent consulting. We do not have employees. The consultants of E7Systems are independent contractors joined together to share expertise and opportunities so that each can focus on the work that he or she does best.

Working with E7 you will benefit from:

  • Marketing Momentum

  • Technical / Specialty Assistance

  • Project Accounting, Customer Billing & Collections

  • Immediate monthly payments

  • Flexibility

What is Expected of Consultants

  • Domain Expertise

  • Business Sense

  • Excellent Communications Skills

  • Your Own Equipment and Workspace

  • Effective Time Management

  • Strong Personal Ethics

  • Resiliency

Consultants are expected to be completely fluent in their areas of domain expertise and to be able to produce extraordinary results with a minimum of assistance. E7Systems is perfect for the high-end graphic designer who doesn’t know Javascript or php and has no desire to learn them. E7Systems is perfect for the color-blind programming guru who hates to market himself.

All E7Systems consultants must have good business sense. Even the back-end programmer must be able to tell what makes for a viable-repeatable business process in the real world. We must be able to recognize solutions and most importantly to deliver completed solutions, without costly defects.

Communicating with customers and colleagues is equally important to domain expertise. The best software in the world is useless if the customer doesn’t understand the benefit of using it. When problems do arise, communication skills are vital to their successful resolution. When problems arise, we must be very good at recognizing, quantifying and describing the problem.

As an independent consultant, no one will tell you when to work or where. E7Systems does not maintain a public office. All E7Systems consultants have their own workspaces and computers. We do have many shared resources but your main tools and expenses are your own.

All consultants at E7Systems must know how to manage their time balancing their work-styles with their lifestyles in such a way that the customer’s expectations are always met or exceeded. We manage projects. We do not manage people. To be successful at E7Systems you need to manage your own time for the benefit of all.

Weaknesses can be tolerated in any of the areas above. Ethics is a different matter. As a team we must trust one another to work fairly in all matters. Our Ethics Policy is clearly stated here.

The final ingredient of success is resiliency. The business world is hard and often unfair. We need to have the drive and confidence to overcome any challenge. We need to be able to set our egos aside to determine and deliver the best solution given all inputs (not just our emotions).

E7Systems has a growing portfolio of active customers, from Durango to Hong Kong. We present ourselves as a team rather than an individual. Therefore, we can pursue larger, more profitable contracts.

The consultants at E7Systems have an extraordinarily wide range of experience and skills. By banding together, we all benefit from the capabilities of the team. No one consultant must be an expert at everything. This allows us to spend more time working in and developing our unique, high-value specialties.

E7Systems, uses an advanced in-house project management and billing system. This system manages projects and tasks, accounts for hours and send invoices to customers. It also provides a customer interface which allows customers to track the tasks and accounts on-line.

E7Systems pays consultants immediately upon invoicing. E7Systems manages and covers the costs of collections. Payments are based on a percentage of the invoice directly related to your contribution.

The features of the E7Systems work-style are all design to enable independent consultants to maximize their billable hours working within their favorite specialities for the best clients available.

E7Systems is a flexible organization with diverse relationships. If you are seeking or currently have a full time job. If you are going to France for a year. You may still work with us. We merely request that you let us know of your plans so we can schedule accordingly. In working with consultants who hold full time jobs, we search for opportunities that are a close fit for their best skills and their busy schedules.