Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 35 second of video is worth a million words.

Many of our customers are asking to have their messages communicated in the medium of video. E7 produces simple videos in house and works with local and national video producers to ensure that videos are produced to fit our client’s needs and budget. For more information on how video can be used effective to communicate with your customers, contact us.

If you already have video that you want to share on the web, we can edit your footage and convert it to any any of the web friendly formats. We can also produce demonstration CDs and DVDs.

From low budget to blockbuster, video projects can be as diverse as other creative projects and more so.

Writing, shooting, on screen talent, voice overs, editing production. Video projects often require the collaboration of many creative specialists.

At E7systems we have wroked in all of these areas and have a network of video specialists that we use to complete our customers’ projects professionaly, on time and on-budget.

Use our expertise to find the right solution for producing and hosting your video messages.

Video editing and conversion and production services include:

  • Editing

  • Special Effects.

  • Integrated Screen Capture & Training Videos

  • Interactive Videos

  • Flash rendering for web video presentation

  • Packaging design and production

  • Web formats for streaming video, Windows Movie, Real Media, Macromedia Flash

Find more information on these Durango oriented Video Sites. – Durango Video production specialist with experience on larger local corporate video projects as well as jobs with PBS and Phillip Morris.